Community Harm Reduction

Nuri is a long time advocate for refugee rights and a fair and just peace process in her personal and professional life. She supports and works with the Eritrean Women’s Community Centeras well as Beit HaGefen: the Arab Jewish Cultural Center to reduce harm and develop stronger bonds within our shared community.

Community Deathcare

Nuri has been a Chevra Kadisha member on three continents and in Jewish death care for almost two decades. The Chevra Kadisha supports the dying and their family, prepares and protects the dead and comforts the family through their mourning. As an outcropping of this work, Nuri also engages in community education around death and dying. In particular, Nuri works with non-Orthodox communities to help them reclaim their community heritage of death care. She also is a fierce advocate against funeral poverty and regularly raises funds for the Quaker Social Action Funeral Poverty Alliance.

Political Organising 

Nuri is a member of the Meretz party and is active in educating the community on the importance of the party’s reform platform. You can read the 2020 platform in English here.