For several years Nuri has been exploring the relationship between death rituals and the use of aromatic materials. This has led her to many strange places, smelling many odd and wonderful things. She has been developing fragrances that do more than adorn the body but gladden the soul, in order to create olfactive memento mori to remind each of us of the brevity of time and the immediacy of pleasure.

While Nuri originally planned to feature her creations in an interactive gallery installation, interest quickly grew in the juices themselves, which has led to the development of ATROPOS, which will launch in the coming months. The line features compositions based on the research Nuri has done with the Death/Scent project ranging from reconstructing the Odour of Sanctity in a feminine rose fragrance to making a modern cologne based on the miasmic medical herbs of the Black Death.

More information will be available on Nuri’s social media and at Death/Scent closer to the launch.

omnia mundi fumus et umbra