Atropos Historical Beauty Consultancy & Archivist Services

Nuri McBride is happy to collaborate and explore with you, your group, or your business.

Nuri is an organisational archivist and historian who specialises in working with artisan, boutique, and heritage companies in the fragrance and cosmetics sector. Nuri provides two B2B services, Historical Consultation and Organisational Archivist Services.

Organisational Archivist Services

Fragrance and Beauty have always valued lineage and heritage, but often the scope of a business’s history gets obscured in the day-to-day demands of operations. As an organisational archivist and historian, Nuri helps companies and institutions tell and preserve their stories. This is done, in part, by locating, organising, preserving, and analysing company materials. Then that data must be formed into meaningful content and narratives for staff and customers, so they can truly understand who you are and what your organisation stands for.

McBride also helps organisations set up their own internal archives and trains staff to serve as in-house historians.

Historical Consultation

Nuri provides consultation on historic perfumes and formulae reconstructions for select fragrance houses.

She can conduct bespoke research and add historical value to your beauty or fragrance product development and marketing. Nuri can also provide guidance as you modernise a historical preparation to current safety and aesthetic standards.

Mrs McBride is available to consult for media, film, print, and documentary purposes. For more information, please send an inquiry through the contact page.