Nuri writes on a variety of topics from philosophy, to beauty, to refugee rights. She is currently writing a book, The Putrid & the Divine: An Olfactive History of Death Rituals from Around the World. For a full bibliography please contact her here. Below is a sampling of some of her favourite pieces.

Unquiet Things

Ten things I can not live without


Five things I’ve learned about death from working with refugee children

Death and the Maiden

Tubercular Venus: When the Beauty Standard was Dying

Strengthen Your Sense of Smell While Contemplating Your Doom

Silent Sisters: Caring for the dead in gendered religious space

Order of the Good Death

The Odour of Sanctity: When the Dead Smell Divine 

Offbeat Life & Home

How to talk about death when no one else wants to

5 things you can do to join the Death Positivity movement and value life more