Nuri writes on a variety of topics, from philosophy to beauty, to refugee rights. In 2013 she wrote the academic work Climate Change Related Migration: A Study of the Current State of Contingency Planning and Decision Making. She is currently working on a non-fiction book.  For a full bibliography, please contact her here. Below is a sampling of some of her favourite articles.


Tappūtī-Bēlet-ekallim, The Oldest Perfumer on Record

Copal & the Day of the Dead

Embodying Heaven: Frankincense and Myrrh and Their Connection to Divinity


Oud, The Wounded Hearts Of Sacred Trees


Five things I’ve learned about death from working with refugee children

Death and the Maiden

Tubercular Venus: When the Beauty Standard was Dying

Strengthen Your Sense of Smell While Contemplating Your Doom

Silent Sisters: Caring for the dead in gendered religious space

Order of the Good Death

The Odour of Sanctity: When the Dead Smell Divine