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You have questions, I have answers…hopefully

Are you going to spam me?

 I respect your time and inbox too much to do that to you. Therefore, there will be one newsletter a month. Any other correspondence will either be automated from TinyLetter for actions such as un/subscribing or directly related to your information requests.

 I’m subscribed to Death/Scent am I automatically subscribed to Aromatica de Profundis?

The Aromatica de Profundis newsletter is a separate project from Death/Scent and my CV website. Being an email subscriber to Death/Scent or following through WordPress does not automatically transfer to Aromatica de Profundis per the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation. Basically, you control your data, and you have to opt-in to this and all newsletters.

Should I Follow Death/Scent on WordPress or subscribe to Aromatica de Profundis?

If you are interested in knowing about my multiple projects and D/S drops, subscribe to Aromatica de Profundis, and you will get a curated list of my writings every month. You can still follow just Death/Scent through the WordPress follower feature (for those with WordPress account). However, starting July 1st, 2021, I will no longer be adding email addresses to the WordPress mailing lists for Death/Scent and, over the next year, plan to transition to a new hosting service. The best way to continue to get updates is to sign up to Aromatica de Profundis. You can then choose to continue to follow Death/Scent separately or unsubscribe.

I am an email subscriber to the Death/Scent mailing list; what happens to me after July 1st 2021?

Nothing, all current email subscribers to the Death/Scent mailing list will continue to receive post updates to their inboxes for Death/Scent. We just won’t be adding new folks to that list because I am unhappy with the quality of the service and want to bring you a better product. Remember, while you will still get post updates for D/S, you will missing out on updates about classes, workshops, other writings and exclusive content that will only be on Aromatica de Profundis.

 Why the change?

Few reasons; I wanted to consolidate all my bits and bobs into one place. I wanted to expand into different content, give better content and develop with my readers in a less formal way. Also, I’ve been unhappy with my current mailing list and want to give you a better and more reliable product.

I didn’t get a confirmation?

Check your spam folder. If the confirmation isn’t there and doesn’t arrive within an hour of signing up, contact me, and we will sort it out.

What if I don’t like it?

That’s ok; you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the newsletter’s footer or contacting me here. For more information, please refer to my privacy policy.

I have another question!

No worries, write to me on the contact form and we will sort it.